The 1st tour of the International physics contest for citizens of non-CIS countries (not for the citizens of the Russian Federation or for the Russian-speaking citizens of FSU countries, living in non-CIS countries) is held from 24.10.14 to 16.11.14.

To take part in the 1st tour of the contest, you need to:

  1. Download the task;
  2. Complete the task by filling in the downloaded file;
  3. Send the message containing the following information to the email address
  • Name, Surname;
  • Contacts: phone number, email;
  • Country, city;
  • School, class;
  • Completed file with answers in .pdf format;
  • An independent file in .doc format with answers in the form of: 1) Answer; 2) Answer; 3) Answer…

Results of the 1st tour for the citizens of non-CIS countries will be published on the Contest website on 18.11.14.

Task part 1
Task part 2